Friday, August 31, 2007

Commentator Critique: Tracy Austin

Let's just say we're lucky that Miss Tracy Austin only turns up at the majors. It's almost as if Austin's secret mission is to grind whatever meager TV ratings tennis still gets down into a fine dust. There is such a deeply rooted absence of excitement or even interest in her voice, you'd think she was describing insurance premium loopholes. Where's the joy, honey? It's a game...a glorious game! Get into it! Even worse, Austina frequently veers from disinterest into downright nastiness. To her credit, her technical grip on the sport is top notch, but that should be a given. Also, she doesn't play favorites. But as far as imparting drama and grandeur into the exquisite dialogue of a tennis match, she could be outdone by a rudimentary robot. Grade: C-

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