Tuesday, August 28, 2007

On a Rolle!

Hooray for the mysteriously named Asha Rolle. Racqonteur previously assumed this minor personage on the tour was some kind of taciturn, stocky and hot-headed Austrian m├Ądchen prone to errant volleys and first-round losses. Turns out she's a slightly stocky serve and volleying African American 22-year-old from Miami. Mitteleuropean or not, it was delightful to learn that this minor-league trooper (having never won a match at a grand slam) pulled through against Tatiana Golovin in the first round of the Open on Monday night, logging 21 of 26 points at the net for a 6-2 in the third victory. Cheers! Let's hope Rolle celebrated with a delicious schnitzel, or rather, some kind of Miamian culinary specialty, whatever that is!

1 comment:

Jonathan said...

She looks like Chanda Rubin here.