Saturday, August 11, 2007

Sorry, Man... I'm Just Better than You!

Yesterday's semifinal clash between Super-Novak and Roddickulous at the Rogers Cup in Montreal made for some highly entertaining tennis—and revealed a lot about Djokovic's true potential. Having never played each other, there was a lot of buildup about the fact that they've been "fighting it out" for the third spot in rankings this year. By the end of the first set, though, it was plain as day to see that Djokovic is simply gifted in a way that Roddick isn't. Once Novak got a handle on how to return Andy's super-freak serve and got the points started, the Serbian star had the American on a string, pulling him around the court like a marionette. There's no rivalry here. The semifinal tonight between Rafa and Super-Novak, however, is a totally different story.

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