Sunday, August 5, 2007

Is Isner the Real Deal?

The vast, empty desert that is the future of American tennis may have just revealed a new oasis of talent in Josh Isner, a bomb-serving beanstalk from Georgia U. While the Legg Mason isn't exactly the tallest hill to climb on the ATP tour, it's only the 22-year-old's second appearance in a pro tournament. Now, having brushed aside the likes of Tim Henman and Gael Monfils along the way, Isner finds himself in the final against another superlative American serve-bot, Andy Roddick. Having survived another jolly giant, Dr. Ivo Karlovic, in the semis, it'll be Groundhog Day for Roddick as he camps out 10 feet behind the baseline to try and get his racquet on Isner's missiles. How's that for a coming out party. Let's assume the golden ticket wild card into the U.S. Open draw has already been mailed to this guy.

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