Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Rafa’s Perplexing New Playmate

What’s the deal with Rafael Nadal pairing up with Lleyton Hewitt in doubles at the Rogers Cup? On the one hand, the Racqonteur loves the idea of Nadal playing doubles with anyone—silencing haters who claim he’s a one-dimensional baseliner. But playing with Lleyton? The red-faced Aussie scream machine? Spider sense says there’s an underlying business reason for this dastardly duo. (Maybe their agents are in cahoots?) Also, where does this leave Rafa’s close friend, occasional roommate and frequent on-court partner Feliciano Lopez? Time (or perhaps one of the Racqonteur’s in-the-know readers) will tell, but until then, let’s hope Rafa doesn’t catch any of Hewitt’s a-hole cooties.

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Whatever, Mary.