Friday, August 3, 2007

Network Nonsense

One often has to wonder if the programming wizards at ESPN's Connecticut lair are:

a. Moronic
b. Narcoleptic
c. Sadistic
d. Schizophrenic
e. All of the above

It is with astounding regularity that the supposed "Worldwide Leader in Sports" drop-kicks its devoted tennis viewers with erratic scheduling that even the most advanced Tivo can't get a grip on. Just today, anyone tuning in to enjoy its advertised window of coverage of the ATP event in D.C. found instead the end of the first set of a Quarterfinal at the WTA event in Carlsbad. Huh? And after the quick conclusion of that match, the channel jumped into one of its mind-numbing talk-jock news hours. No acknowledgment from the network, no apology. No indication of when they might decided to show the men's tennis. Just the same old "you're lucky we're even airing this fourth-tier excuse for a sport, you silly tennis fans" attitude ESPN commonly delivers. Bravo!

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