Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Serena Comes Undone

What a nightmare for Serena Williams. Until last night, 2007 had been the year of Serena as superhero, capable of leaping into any draw and demolishing her opponents no matter how little she prepared. Last night, she just looked like a plain Jane being dusted by a legitimately superior athlete. After being shot out of the sky by Justine's rocket groundstrokes, Serena dragged herself into the press room for an excruciating post-match conference. The reporters kept asking, in so many words, "Why do you suck all of the sudden?" and "Do you hate yourself?" and Serena shot back all manner of dark and sarcastic retorts until finally admitting that she only walked in the room to avoid being fined. Where she goes from here, perhaps only the shadow knows!

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