Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Clean Winner: Maria's 'Do

It's no secret to the Racqonteur that Maria Sharapova is—how do we put this at least a little delicately—divisive. If the tour is like a warped traveling high school, Maria's the queen bee of the bitchy pretty girls who sit at their own table during lunch. Listen, if I were the less fortunate-looking Svety Kuznetzova, gulping chocolate milk all alone in the back of the cafeteria while corporate-sponsored pixie dust swirled around a spot-lighted Maria, I'd be pissed too. But try as I might, I can't kick my Maria habit. Just look at the sleek little pulled-up 'do and perfect brows she put on display at a recent Hollywood shindig. Let's see Boom Boom Bartoli try and pull of this level of glamour.

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