Thursday, August 9, 2007

Wii Want More Tennis!

Having stopped at nothing to acquire one of Nintendo's precious Wii contraptions (sorry to the little person trampled in Target aisle 12 a while back) solely for the purpose of playing its marvelous virtual tennis game, the Racqonteur was disappointed to discover that after a mere two weeks of play, the Wii Tennis opponents hit a ceiling, setting up an endless one-sided match against "top ranked" Kiko and Ilsa. As genius as Wii Tennis is, it only whetted the appetite for a more grown-up and fully realized tennis game for the system. Now word comes that the highly regarded Rockstar Table Tennis is in the Wii pipeline, slated for a fall release. Now, this is just ping pong, but looks worthy of a few hours shaking around that magical white plastic wand.

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