Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Roger's Fashion Cachet

So Roger Federer saunters out onto Wimbledon's denuded Centre Court in the finest and frostiest duds Nike has to offer. Yup, white blazer with satiny trim, trouser-cut warm-up pants, snug little "boy" vest. It's a major look, given a bona fide runway boost by a giant white quilted duffel bag. The fuddy duddies just can't handle Roger's fashion statement. "I think Roger's over-accessorizing," whines Carillo. Whatever. Love it or hate it, Roger can wear whatever the hell he wants. If he wants to come out and play in a top hat and tails, so be it. He's Roger Federer. And screw the repressed washed-up jocks trolling around the tennis world who can't deal with a guy who actually has a bit of fun with clothes. Heaven forbid!

1 comment:

ruberdcky said...

I'm all about wearing fancy things on the court. Next year, he just needs to remember how to put those white pants on properly...

love your blog, btw.