Thursday, August 9, 2007

Birthday Boy

Yesterday in Montreal, his Rogerness entered his 26th year, celebrating the occasion with a tidy 7-6, 7-6 win against Ivo the Giant and a funny little Canadian cake! Now that he's standing at the probable midpoint of his career, it's tempting to contemplate some of Der Meister's incredible accomplishments, such as making the final of the last nine Grand Slams in a row (no Open-era player has ever strung more than four Slam finals together). Explore more of his records at your leisure here. Also fun to ponder: What kind of present does one get for the #1 player and likely Greatest of All Time? "Ah, Mirka, dearest, thank you for the entire contents of the Tokyo Prada flagship. And this family of Pandas will be right at home in Dubai..." Most of all, the Racqonteur would love to know what Roger got from his closest of close friends, the always dashing Reto Staubli.

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