Friday, August 31, 2007

Lefty Madness!

Ladies and gentleman, get ready for a fascinating showdown this weekend between two of the men's tour's most intriguing southpaws. In one corner: Donald Young, the flashy 18-year-old American who is finally revealing what he can do out there after three years of unsubstantiated hype and who scored a major bonus when Richie "tummy ache" Gasquet pulled out of their scheduled 2nd round match. In the other corner: Feliciano Lopez, widely thought to be the handsomest player in the locker room and close confidant of Rafael Nadal. Both are sure to bring their most stinging topspin shots and wildly curving serves. The good news for Young? Lopez pretty much doesn't have a backhand. The upside for Lopez? Young has only won two ATP matches in his career. Let the best lefty win!

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