Sunday, August 12, 2007


Incredible performances Sunday from Serbia's two young stars: Novak Djokovic and Ana Ivanovic. First, Super-nova went toe-to-toe with Federer, picking on the Swiss king's backhand with laser-like precision. Watching the young star deny Federer the first set as he served for it 6-5, 40-love up was staggering. It's one thing to watch Nadal drag Roger around a messy clay court; but Djokovic out-paced Federer on speedy hardcourt. Next, it was Ana's turn. Facing hot-head Petrova, Ana kept cracking her explosive forehands, walking off with 31 winners to only 18 errors. Braissima! All this, from players representing a little landlocked central European country with fewer than 8 million residents.

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