Monday, August 20, 2007

Maria Marooned by Russian Tabloid

Despite her worldwide fame, Maria Sharapova has managed to avoid too much attention from the renegade tabloid media (other than last summer's consistent drumbeat that she and Andy Roddick were somehow conducting a secret love affair). Most of the time, the media seems content to let Maria go about her business. Today, however, came certain unsavory reports picked up by US Weekly from a Russian "newspaper" called The Exile, which claimed that Maroon 5 cheeseball Adam Levine complained about Maria's prowess in bed. For the record, Motorola did hire the band to play at Maria's 18th birthday party in New York's meatpacking district two years ago. Fine. But did Maria get it on with this guy? Maybe. Ultimately, who cares? Levine's rep denied the reports.

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