Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fired Up for Davis Cup?

Newsflash, tennis heads! All over the world this weekend there's apparently something happening called Davis Cup, which is supposed to be kind of a big deal. It's got to do with nation states, like Canada, New Mexico and the Iraq–and tennis! Yeah, it's a national tennis showdown! Like the Cold War with racquets or something, right? Sounds pretty cool. But is it some kind of secret event, held behind a giant curtain? Because, it's not excatly easy to find out about this to-do, even though it's supposed to have a bunch of important history... Too bad nobody knows about this mythical competition, because it seems like it might be really fun to watch 'n' stuff. Maybe next time the big organizer people (Mr. Davis?) could let people know about it, or have it all happen in one place. Oh well!

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