Thursday, November 8, 2007

Spanish Bagels... Who Knew?

Madame Henin served a neat Spanish buffet of bagels (no cream cheese) in Madrid tonight to Marion "broken robot" Bartoli, who snuck into the Championship draw in the middle of the night when Serena Williams' knee gave out for the 486th time. This was El Grande Beat-Down. As Justine said after the match, "I wanted to get my revenge." Oooh, girl! This was a solid demolition. With each stinging whoosh of her racquet, the Heninista effectively ground Marion's game (and her will, for that matter) into an increasingly fine dust. Double bagels (6-0, 6-0) are a rare delicacy in the cuisine of tennis, even more so in the Championship tournament. Good for Justine.

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The Tennis Hacker said...

Come on, Bartoli. Fight back.