Saturday, November 10, 2007

Pirates of the ATP?

Aaargh! Matey, it seems the world of men's tennis has devolved into a near-lawless state of banditry worthy of murderous one-eyed pirates. Each day brings new allegations against the blood-thirsty Russian contingent of players, who seem to be intimately involved in a stop-at-nothing campaign to profit from their matches (Moscow did recently become the world's most expensive city, after all). So now we have the tale of Tommy Haas being poisoned before his match in Germany's recent Davis Cup semifinal tie against Russia. Wow. Poison? They say the stakes are never higher on court than in a Davis Cup match, but this is getting ridiculous. Perhaps Roddick, Blake and the gang need to line up some food-tasters to have on hand when they roll into Portland, OR at the end of the month for their final-round Davis cup showdown with the rascally Russians.

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